Eurovision 2023 Branding & LED Screens Design

Harmonizing Hearts: Starlight Creative’s Vibrant Journey at Eurovision 2023


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Scope of work
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Embark on a sensational journey behind the scenes of Eurovision 2023 with BBC Productions, where creativity and collaboration converge to amplify the power of music on a global stage. Our story begins with a pitch for the branding of Eurovision, in partnership with Design Bridge and Partners, where a visionary concept emerged, celebrating the transcendent nature of music and the unifying spirit of the event.

Inspired by the insight that live music synchronizes hearts around the world, the identity embodies the harmony of 160 million hearts beating as one, symbolizing the universal language of music that binds us all together. With the unprecedented circumstances of the contest in mind, our challenge was to craft a theme and visual identity that not only captured the essence of Eurovision but also celebrated the partnership between Ukraine and the UK and honored all participating nations. Starlight Creative was responsible for Ukrainian part of the creative research.

Our Joint R&D

Symbols of Ukraine (Research Process)

Bright greetings from dark Kyiv 2022

Final Touch by Design Bridge & Partners

LED Screen Content for Delegations 

The visual expression for Eurovision 2023 emerged as a vibrant sound wave of interconnected hearts, echoing the iconic Eurovision logo and adaptable to the diverse flag colors of all 37 competing nations. Following the branding project's success, BBC Productions extended an invitation for our team to collaborate on LED screens content for 10 European delegations, as well as a special performance featuring the incomparable Rita Ora.

Set against the dynamic backdrop of Liverpool, our team embarked on a month-long journey, collaborating with top European directors and creatives to bring our vision to life. From conceptualization to execution, every moment was infused with passion, innovation, and a shared commitment to delivering an unforgettable Eurovision experience.

Join us as we celebrate the power of music to transcend boundaries, unite hearts, and ignite the spirit of Eurovision on a global scale. With BBC Productions at the helm, the stage is set for an electrifying showcase of talent, creativity, and the unbreakable bonds forged through the universal language of music.

Meanwhile, Behind The Scenes


Clio Awards Entertainment 2023 GOLD
Promax Awards: Global Excellence 2023: 2 GOLD
Promax Europe Awards 2023: GOLD
Eyes and Ears 2023: 2 GOLD




Executive Creative Director: Stuart Radford / Design Bridge & Partners
Creative Director: Katherina Tudball / Design Bridge & Partners
Art Director: Tyler Berry / Design Bridge & Partners
Production Manager: Lucy Jones / Design Bridge & Partners
Designer: Cody Maemori / Design Bridge & Partners
Animator: Ed Fergusson / Design Bridge & Partners
Designer: Eva Bashford-Harrison / Design Bridge & Partners
Designer: Jakub Zuskin / Design Bridge & Partners
Production Manager: Lewis Llewellyn / Design Bridge & Partners
Artist: Anton Fimaier / Design Bridge & Partners
Marketing: Robert Heads / Design Bridge & Partners
Marketing: Suzanne Neal / Design Bridge & Partners
Art Director: Andrii Kurylo
Art Director: Vitalii Sak
Art Director: Zuckenty Horobyov
Animation R&D: Oleh Domotenko, Oleksandr Savinskii, Andrii Aslamov
Editor: Oleksii Ihnatiev
Marketing: Olha Klipkova
LED Screens Content Design: Vitalii Sak, Andrii Aslamov, Oleh Domotenko, Oleksii Kotelnikov
LED Screens Content Design: Eugene Tereschuk, Oksana Bandura, Hanna Bevza
LED Screens Content Design: Andrii Mikhno, Stas Pakhomov, Maxim Adamenko
Executive Creative Director: Oleksii Riepik
Producer: Andrii Levitin
Producer: Mykola Kononuchenko
Marketing: Olena Martynova

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